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My path to homeopathy has been a long and winding one - a degree in European languages, and then 5 years living in the East where I had all sorts of adventures. I managed a spa in Thailand and trained as a meditation facilitator in India, eventually running the program at a renowned international meditation resort there.

I first realised the power of homeopathy when I became a mother. I returned to the UK in 2006 to start a family and now have two beautiful children. My 3 year old daughter had been unwell with a nasty gastric bug, and just wasn’t getting better. I had recently met a homeopath and I decided to ask her for help. She suggested a remedy, and 5 minutes later my daughter sat up, with colour in her cheeks, and reeled off a list of all the foods she wanted to eat! She was better!

I have seen this time and again in acute illnesses - with the right remedy, the effect can be almost instantaneous. In chronic, long term situations, results can be less rapid, but often still, an inner feeling of well-being arises as the body catches up.

My experience of this system of medicine so impressed me that I was moved to train as a homeopath and share it with others.


Homeopathy is a natural, gentle, yet profound system of medicine that was established over 200 years ago and is used by 1 in 12 people worldwide today. It is an individualised system, which means that the remedy you will be prescribed is matched to you, based not only on your symptoms and your medical history, but who you are as a person.

Homeopathic medicines are made from natural materials taken principally from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, and these are ultra-diluted. Homeopathic remedies do not have side effects, and can safely be used in conjunction with conventional medicine.

An initial consultation usually takes around 90 minutes, allowing me to gain an understanding into who you are and how you experience the world. This allows me to choose the best possible homeopathic medicine for you. Follow ups are initially every 4-6 weeks and take a little less time, usually 30-60 minutes.

A well matched homeopathic remedy stimulates your innate healing capacity, not only alleviating symptoms, but going deeper to address the cause of the imbalance. This holistic approach facilitates a return to balance and well-being.

People have come to me for support with varied health challenges from hormone imbalance to gallstones to ADHD, anxiety and depression.

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To begin with, I offer an initial consultation which usually takes around 90 minutes. This allows me to gain an understanding into who you are and how you experience the world. This understanding helps me to select the best possible homeopathic medicine for you.

Follow ups in which we evaluate your response to the homeopathic medicine are initially every 4-6 weeks. These take a little less time, usually 30-60 minutes.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to have a chat before booking an appointment. My consultations are currently online, via Zoom or Skype.

The homeopathic medicine is included in the consultation fee and will be posted out to you (UK only).

If you need to cancel, please let me know 24 hours before your scheduled appointment or you will be liable for the cost of the consultation.



Initial consultation:
Adults: £75
Under 18s: £60

Follow up appointments:
Adults: £50
Under 18s: £35

Sara Saund Homeopath

“Sara is amazing, she truly listened and held space for me. Gently ‘pushed' on by the remedy she prescribed it opened new doors and it worked on so many levels of my well-being. With her wholistic approach Sara is a true gem and I highly recommend her.”

Nan, Emmer Green

“I can’t thank Sara enough for the amazing difference she has made to our son Lucas. After the first lockdown he was very anxious and shy and had very restricted eating. He was pale and tired all of the time. We were so worried about him starting school that September as we felt he had no resilience. Sara gave him a remedy which very quickly brought him out of himself and he just kept growing and blossoming into the beautiful happy boy that he is today. Even my husband who is a non-believer of alternative therapies couldn’t deny the difference it made!”

Keira, Sonning

“I just wanted to tell you that I had an AMAZING report from Dexter's teacher today. She said his reading of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was brilliant and his writing, form drawing and maths has just all of a sudden clicked and he seems to have got it! All his teachers are so pleased with this marked improvement. To be honest a few weeks ago I was so worried about what they were telling me I was wondering if he would EVER get there. Thank you for all you do for him. He was one super proud boy today.”

Claire, Redcar

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